About CA Connect portal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. 1 What is CA Connect Portal ?

Ans. CA Connect Portal is an indigenous system of listing of CA Firms / Individual CA Practitioners on the platform of ICAI. The objective of this Website/Portal is to provide an effective platform for listing. It shall provide the essential bridge between clients/service receiver and Chartered Accountants.

Q. 2 What is the role of ICAI with regard to CA Connect Portal?

Ans- The role of ICAI will be limited; and ICAI will only work as a facilitator and enable search to the users based on the data / information submitted by the registered users.

Q. 3 What are the benefits for registration ?

Ans. This Portal will provide the essential bridge between clients and Chartered Accountants. The prospective clients can search the services offered by Firms / Individual practitioners based on their area of expertise under one-roof irrespective of their geographical locations. This Portal is a platform which provides choice to clients for selection of CA Firms / Members as per their need.

Q. 4 Who are eligible to get enrolled on the portal ?

Ans. Individual Practitioner or firm of Chartered Accountants can get enrolled on the portal.

Q. 5 Who are not permitted to be enrolled on portal?

Ans. Members who are not holding Certificate of practice, Networking firms and Companies even if registered under Corporate Form of Practice, are not permitted to get enrolled on portal.

Q. 6 How to get enrolled on the portal ?

• Individual Practitioner/ Firm of Chartered Accountants who wants to get register on the portal should mention their membership number/FRN number with Date of Birth/Constitution date respectively at CA Connect portal to get verified their numbers.
• On successful verification of Membership number/FRN, a pre-filled form shall appear for them.
• There will be additional optional fields for Members/firms to enter viz. Area of Expertise / Specialization, professional city of working, Website Address, Social Media.
• There shall be an online declaration which the firms/individual practitioner shall be required to agree and submit.

Q. 7 Is it advisable to change password after first login?

Ans. The first password is generated by the system. It is advisable to change the password after first login.

Q. 8 How to change password ?

1. Login
2. Click “Change password”
3. Enter the “New password”

Q. 9 What to do in case I forget the password?

Ans. A member has to follow the below steps, in case he forgets the password:
• Please Click “Forgot Password”.
• “Forgot Password” link will be opened, enter registered email address
• “Send Password reset link”. An OTP will be sent on registered Email-id.
• Check registered email id inbox (including Spam folder)
• Click on Password reset link
• Enter the “new password”
When difficulty is faced in login, one may reset password and then do login.

Q. 10 How can I change by Mobile Number and/or Email-id?

Ans. The particulars of Members are related to ICAI records in SSP Portal. In case any member wants to update his address, Mobile No. and / or Email-id etc., he has to update the same at SSP Portal (Self Service Portal) of ICAI.

Q. 11 What are the Criteria of Search available in Portal?

Ans. Details of Members/CA Firms can be searched City-wise, where they are located and offering services, and by way of nature of services rendered by them.

Q. 12 How many area of service/specialization can be selected by member?

Ans. Members can select maximum two areas of services/specialization.

Q. 13 How to change area of service/specialization?

Ans. After login into portal, members can change their selected area of service/specialization.

Q. 14 Whether the place of professional address of member/CA firm will be automatically displayed in the ‘Preferred City of Working’ area in the Portal?

No. Members/CA Firms will have to add the place/city in the ‘Preferred City of Working’ area, including the place of professional address/Head Office. In other words, the search result for members/CA firms for a particular place is displayed based on the names of places/cities entered in the ‘Preferred City of Working’ option.

Q. 15 Whether this Portal will substitute the already permitted platforms for members in practice?

Ans. No. The portal shall be in addition to, and not substitution of already permitted platforms i.e. :- Firm’s Website, Listing on directory, Online consultancy on third party Platforms. The existing modes of listing will continue to operate.

Q. 16 What is the privacy policy pertaining to CA Connect Portal?

Ans. Privacy policy of website may be read at https://caconnect.icai.org/privacy.

Q. 17 What is the declaration submit by the member?

Ans. Member has to submit declaration that the information furnished by them in this Portal/Website is true and correct. In the event of information being found false or incorrect at any stage, they shall be liable/responsible for the consequences and action to be taken.

Q. 18 Where do we contact in case of any query pertaining to CA Connect Portal?

Ans. Member can submit their query online under “Get In Touch” tab or email at caconnect@icai.in or alternatively call at Ethical Standards Board at 0120-3876857.